I should call this page Nature watch as I hope to put pictures of squirrels and birds as well but I love the foxes and we have our own rogues gallery of a number of different characters that visit us during the hours of darkness. They are always very wary and are on the lookout for rival foxes whilst eating. What do we give them, well they are not that fussy and we've found that jam or marmalade sandwiches go down well as does fish heads and tinned dog food (especially game flavoured!) they also showed a liking for left over pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! All these pictures  were taken through our front window with the foxes feeding from just about 6 feet away.


This one we called ROADRUNNER due to his scurrying around and standing in the middle of the road eating his marmalade sandwiches!

The following photo's were captured from hubbys video camera as sadly using the camera flash would scare them and without it the photo's all seem ver red tinged (like Roadrunner above)



This poor chap hubby has named RAMBO as he has obviously been in a few battles. He has a weeping left eye and is missing half his right ear and the end of his tail. He still loves his food and apart from his injuries seems to be in a healthy condition.



This beautiful fox we've called DUSTY as she (we think) looks like her back is covered in silver dust. Suspect she is a youngster, possibly from the same litter as ROADRUNNER. Isn't she beautiful?



This is HOPPITY - he has a damaged back left leg and limps quite badly on it. He is very wary and doesn't hang around long. He is much redder in colour than DUSTY and we think probably older.

Another one who comes regularly but we still need to get shots of is a large Dog fox that we have called WHITE TIP, he is a huge feller that has a thinner tail with- yes you guessed it a white tip to it, photo's to follow when he comes back.

Red squirrel seen in a Shanklin Park

Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press 

Hubby was woken last night by the PIR light coming on to see the rear end of ...... a BADGER, disappearing up the bank. Sadly it didn't come back last night but there will be an extra supply of jam sandwiches going out on the plate tonight. Yes, apparently, according to Chris Packham that's what they like (apart from a real craving for earthworms of course!)

Other news is that we now have a hedgehog visiting the plate. He/She has visited the last two nights, hubby has got some video footage so I will add some stills soon. No foxes at all last night.



Mrs Tiggywinkle must have been hungry last night as she scurried off into the bushes with this chicken breastbone which was half as big as she was!


©Jenny Harrod 2009