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Cruised the Fjords

So, we had our cruise to Norway on the Saga Sapphire, and at least I enjoyed it. Him-in-the-Shed pretty much decided before we went that he wasn't going to have a good time, although I actually chose that cruise with him in mind because of his interest in the 1940's and WWII.

He moaned about waiting to embark, and waiting to disembark (insisting that being in a lounge full of people with coughs and colds caused his now persistent ear and chest infection - nothing to do with the chemicals he continually breathes in from his vaporizer!) Note, I don't have a cold!. He moaned about having to dress up on formal nights, he couldn't do the top button up on his shirt (I am not surprised, see below), and then that his suit jacket and trousers didn't match - that will teach me to let him do his own packing - he chose the suit when we went to Matalan but wouldn't try it on when were there! He moaned about having to spend 2 full days at sea, but would have moaned even more if he had to fly and wait 3 hours in an airport.

However, his determination to hate the whole thing ended at the evening meals, and he was quite happy to tuck in to Aberdeen Angus Steak on four of the six nights we were away. What with that and the full English breakfasts he devoured every morning, he very quickly undid any of the good work he achieved when following Dr Al Barahani's dietary 'orders'. He also managed to consume large quantities of red wine, which, although Dr A.B promotes as the alcohol of choice, I am sure he didn't envisage it being by the bottle! Yes I had a glass or two, but not every night. He was of the view if it was All Inclusive he was having everything he could!

Having lost a lot of weight already I have trained my appetite, and I tended to choose healthier options (except an occasional naughty desert), but I was tempted by the huge varieties of cheese available every night.  I still managed to put on 5 lb while we were away, but lost it again before my next Monday weigh in.

He did like the scenery of Norway and found the aircraft museum interesting (I was bored there but still didn't moan as chose that excursion for him!). 

I have sworn that if I am well enough to go on another cruise - I AM GOING ON MY OWN! 

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