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New set of wheels!

Well, I can't believe it but I have now had Hettie the Skoda Yeti for 3 years.  I get to choose a new car from Motability every 3 years as I receive the Higher Rate Mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP). I am eligible for it because my mobility is often limited due to my MS.

"But you look OK!" I hear you cry!

Maybe, but I am unable to feel the pedals in the car because it feels like my feet are permanently either wrapped in wet bandages, or my shoes are full of gravel. I defy you to walk more than 20 metres if you have a single stone in your shoe!

As before I have had the car fitted with hand controls which can only be done to an automatic and am having to get used to this new cars steering which seems to be quite a bit heaver and causes some pain in my left elbow and shoulder. Hopefully this will get easier if I do a few short journeys every few days. We have no longer trips due until May so with a bit of luck,some practice and some swimming to build up the deltoid muscles I should be OK for the M3 and the M11!

What is it? Didn't I say? This time I have gone for a classy Ford Kuga ST Line in Diffused Silver (OK it looks brown like Hettie, but if the light catches it there is a definite silver tinge to it.

Now what should I call it. I did think of 'Caz' as I chose it the same day that I found out my best Nursing Buddy Carole had passed away from breast cancer. Hopefully if her sister Sue reads this she will approve! What do you think - Caz the Kuga?



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