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Remember this?

Hello, yes I am still here and alive and well (sort of!)

At the end of 2009 and part way through my 50th year I posted the following blog post. I don't imagine any of you will have been with me since then but you never know. In my next post I will update you on what if any progress I have made over the past 6 years.

'In 2010 I will ....
December 23, 2009

Hello again, long time no see. OK it's my fault I know but I have been making plans for 2010 to try to improve my self motivation, confidence and self worth. My resolutions are

  1. To start an Open University Course with the aim of eventually achieving a degree (BD Open Degree)
  2. To commence some voluntary work either with the elderly, the British Red Cross or the Hospice. I was a volunteer for years with the Red Cross so my loyalty will always lie with them but I also worked in a Psychiatric Day Hospital for a while with Alzheimers patients and really enjoyed that too. I need something which will find my SRN status useful but that I can do within my own physical limits.
  3. To go on a cruise in the Autumn in lieu of my 50th birthday in June.

What a lot of plans and I have already been in tears just filling in the OU forms when I see the word "examination!" but I must set myself challenges or I will just vegetate'

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