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Trips, Falls and Liver Scans

Well, it has been an eventful few weeks, including a couple of falls and an abnormal blood test that has concerned my Neurologist enough to request a Liver Ultrasound Scan - one of my MS Nurses called to let me know earlier today. Of course it might be said that anything Him-in-the-shed can do I can do better. He has also got to have a scan on his liver due to some abnormal results picked up at his Lipid Clinic appointment.The usual reason for a 'fatty liver' which he has, is alcohol, but I know for certain that that is not the cause as I don't think we have had more than one bottle of red wine at Christmas time. Reassuringly, his cholesterol is the best it has ever been but his liver enzymes are concerning his Consultant.

My abnormal results are hopefully just due to my Rebif injections as they have been gradually increasing over the past few years. If I can change to an oral medication I will be thrilled - I am fed up with doing an impression of a pin cushion three times a week. Fingers crossed it is not something serious in either of us. I have noticed an abnormal permanent salty taste in my mouth so whether that is relevant I don't know.

On a positive note my weight loss is continuing slowly and I have lost around 3 stone in the past year with Him-in-the-shed managing to lose the stone that his consultant ordered him to, since October.

Thanks to my MS I have had a couple of falls over the past month or so - the first at the swimming pool when I was hauling my bag out of the locker and toppled backwards with the effort. Then on Saturday, I had just come out of Shanklin Theatre following a breathtaking performance by Lionel Richie tribute act Malcolm Pitt and the Jonny Miller Band (Oh,What a Feeling!), when I was leaning against a rocky wall attempting to ring hubby to come and collect me, when my feet slid from under me and down I went on to my right hip. No-one saw me, (or if they did they ignored me) and I felt helpless as I wasn't sure how I could get up from that position. I had to turn over and get on my knees and haul myself up on the wall - grazing my hand in the process, I then realised I had my foot on my mobile! Fortunately it wasn't broken and my Knight in Shining Armour arrived to take me, and my bruises home. I have quite a bruise on my hip and my arms ached terribly yesterday, but I forced myself to go for a swim today (1 km 40 lengths).

Getting to grips with Caz the Kuga - it is VERY thirsty and seems to be very poor MPG, perhaps its my driving (or the air con!). One issue I have is that my proprioception isn't very good and I think it is much wider than Hettie the Yeti was so I am tending to drive very wide of parked cars which annoys oncoming traffic (I did fail my 1st driving test due to driving too close to parked cars!)

In the process of selling the holiday chalet now - trying to find a solicitor to do an ID verification is proving annoying to say the least. Then our next excitement is a cruise to Norway next month.

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