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Well there's good news and bad news!

Well, since I last blogged a couple of things have happened. I applied for a job as a Service Co-ordinator with the British Red Cross and actually got called for interview. OK I didn't get the job but the very fact that I  was interviewed helped me to realise I have skills and knowledge that could potentially be useful to an employer. Sadly I didn't cancel my NMC re-registration as it was between being interviewed and being informed I was unsuccessful. But I have felt useful again since what was a very tough interview.

Since then I have thrown myself in to my swimming - I am now up to about 3 miles a week and am 65% of the way around the Isle of Wight doing my virtual swim. I have just passed Ventnor and will soon be passing Shanklin Chine and in to Sandown Bay! OK I suspect David Walliams would do it all in a week and it has taken me 5 months so far but I am happy. The trouble is that I suspect the DWP and Atos will consider the fact that I can swim will mean I do not need PIP for care or mobility, despite the fact that I can't walk very far or swim to or around the shop! I have to park near the Leisure Centre and swimming does not cause any pain in my feet like walking does. My legs are quite weak though and consequently my arms should by rights rival Popeye's! As for dressing myself afterwards - I  often have to rely on strangers or the staff who know me to tell me if my clothes are awry or my dress is tucked in my knickers! Embarrassing or what?

I still volunteer at the MS charity shop in Shanklin and we recently had a complete refit which makes us well able to complete with the plethora of competing charity shops in the vicinity, a count up has shown eight in Shanklin, four of which are within spitting distance of the MS shop and café - at least we have the additional pull of the café which makes us popular, especially if it is raining.

I have just been struck down by another bloomin cold - the second in 3 months! I am not happy as I normally only get one about every two years. Whether this indicates a change in my MS and a weakening of my normally robust immune system I don't know, but I do know I don't like having colds and the chesty hacking cough that is accompanying it. Before you ask - no I don't smoke (not since 1993). Incidentally we both gave up that year which was when we got married and today is our 21 and a half years anniversary.

That's enough for now as I need a shower with the hot sweats I am suffering now - then Emmerdale and off to bed to watch Corrie.

Night All, keep warm - another frosty night coming up xxx




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