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But I need to go now!!!

Just a quick post to say I saw another specialist Nurse today for the delights of a bladder scan.

A recent issue is that of urinary urgency with occasional incontinence, I know I'm sorry if you are eating your tea! It is a problem a lot of ladies suffer from not just those with Multiple Sclerosis - ladies with weakened pelvic floors (often your fault guys!) through childbirth often suffer. Regular readers will know I couldn't have children so it is purely down to the MS this time.

Anyway, I had the scan and have a residual bladder capacity of 10 mls which means, oh joy! I can start another tablet to calm down the irritation on the bladder meaning  - that when I have to go, I HAVE TO GO NOW! On the plus side the tablet of choice - oxybutinin has the side-effect of possibly helping with the hyperhidrosis (facial and scalp sweats) and the Neuro also thinks it might help with the throat clearing, here's hoping!

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