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What a few weeks these will be!

Well these next few weeks will be a bit of a turning point in my MS and Cancer journey.

Yesterday I had my CT Scan with contrast, scanning my chest, thorax and abdomen. This was a much much better experience than the one in August when I felt the Radiographers were newly in post and had very little idea of what they were doing. Since then I have been troubled by a rattle and recurrent wheeze in my left lung which they omitted to scan - I really hope it does not turn out o be a metastatic infiltration, or I might have to endure surgery, radiotherapy or yet more chemotherapy.

These CT scans are not performed lightly though as they are the equivalent to being subjected to 8 years of background radiation with a Medium risk of complications arising from it. I have had 3 of these in the past year!!

According to the Radiographer who did the scan (and who looked about twelve but was actually 23!), they managed to get some very clear images this time but he was not allowed to give me more information than that. Scans are being reported on in about a week at the moment and I see my Radiographer on Wednesday 29th January for the results - fingers crossed and prayers all round please, remember this tumour is 'INOPERABLE' so shrinkage is vital if I am to have a few more years n this planet.


Specialist Dental Surgery

On Tuesday I have got a dental appointment with the Special Dental Service Dentist as I have special needs. Recovering from Chemo, already having MS and a HUGE phobia of dentists mean that my GP kindly referred me to this specialist service. Ron is coming with me to hold my hand if necessary although I think she will only be doing a basic check to see if anything needs doing. I just hope she doesn't probe with a metal tool as that sends electric shocks though my system and causes palpitations. I know there is one tooth that needs to come out as it is at the bottom front of my mouth and the gums are eroding at a great rate and one is overlapping the others and is hanging on by a thread. The oncologist was concerned that I would get an abscess and with the low white cell count due to the Chemo, a nasty infection requiring me to go into hospital for antibiotics. Despite this it has wobbled but remained in place, over Christmas and the New Year even with all the unhealthy foods and confectionery that I consumed! 

I shouldn't really be scared as I have NEVER had a tooth extracted or filled despite some previous regular appointments when Hygienists pushed my gum line back so far as to cause these problems. My high Dairy intake means my teeth are probably in perfect condition, but my gums are wrecked!



Then we get into February and my diabetic foot screening, and MS Nurse appointment. I already had my Diabetic Retinal screening in early January, and the result of that came just a few days later! Yes, a few days. Sadly it shows background retinopathy as a result of my diabetes, and what I suspect is the steroid affect. Anyway, the changes are not severe enough to need treatment or affect my vision for driving. Hopefully if I manage my condition well it will not get worse, even if it doesn't get better.

Better news

Right, enough waffle for now, or do you want some good news??

OK then, my ticket for Lionel Richie has been confirmed and my friend (who will be my carer for the day) will get her ticket for free. I also have a space in the nearest car park for Blue Badge holders, and wristbands to access the viewing platform. Yeah, it all turned out OK in the end.

Other news, I have booked our springtime trip up to the mainland to see the families, this is in April but I do not put dates and venues for security reasons.

Once I get these 2 months out of the way, hopefully the rest of the year will be less traumatic than 2019!


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