"Don't run, walk or crawl faster than your Angels wings can fly,

and if you trip, fall slowly so they can catch you!"



Hi, My name is Jenny Harrod and this is my "AutoBlography" No, I'm no-one special and my story is by no means unique. I'm not ever going to be famous or rich, nor a great explorer or inventor. I'm just another face in the crowd - my only outstanding features being my height at six foot one and a half (or five foot thirteen and a half as I used to say with a smile to elderly patients), the fact I have Multiple Sclerosis, I was unable to have children (life sucks!) and I had to take ill health retirement following a back injury just as I'd qualified as a District Nursing Sister - Family or career? someone somewhere didn't want me to have either!

I have not lived a particularly exciting life (yet!!) but if one person finds a little comfort or inspiration here then it has been worth it.

Enjoy your visit.

©Jenny Harrod 2019