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Days 2, 3 and 4 (dizziness and some minor mishaps)

A couple of good days have been followed by a couple of days with some concerning side effects. I suspect it might be a MS relapse as I have not had any Rebif for over a week. Yet another complaint has been made to Lloyds Pharmacy Homecare Service (LPHS) who has escalated it to their actual complain…

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... I shall call it Boris!

This is probably the toughest blog post I have ever had to write, and it has taken a while as I needed to spend some time visiting family and letting them know what's going on.

Some of my Facebook 'Family' have already been following my story to a point and have been very supportive.

As alrea…

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Making a SPLASH!

So, it looks like my fifteen minutes of fame has arrived. Having responded to a Tweet from the MS Trust about exercise and MS, I was asked to write a blog post about how swimming has helped my fitness and Multiple Sclerosis. I was asked for around 600 - 800 words, but you know me, I had to add at le…

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Keep taking the tablets

Well, I had my appointment with the new island Neurologist on the 23rd September. Apparently my left leg is weaker than my right and I have nystagmus in my left eye. As I have had no specific relapses since 2012 but residual symptoms he said I was now moving into Secondary Progressive MS from Relaps…

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The canary island cruise that wasn't!

Well here I am, still alive and out the other side of the relapse.

Have actually had a busy few weeks and it has taken me a while to recover.

Had just got over the worst of the relapse when we went on our Canary Island Cruise, well, I say Canary Island, in actual fact the nearest we got was Madeir…

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Still can't find my feet..

Well, here I am again still in relapse and if anything with even worse symptoms. This is the first bad relapse I have had since my diagnosis in 2003 and is following the same sequence of symptoms (except my fingers and hands/arms are not currently any worse than normal)

I am still wearing the wrong…

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Ageism, Disability discrimination and MS relapses

Well, I suppose it had to happen.

Just as I was getting life back on track and recovering from my recent bout of depression. WHAM - my first major MS relapse struck with a vengeance.

It started on Monday evening when my feet were tingling and painful, much more so than usual. Hubby put it …

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Saturday 6th March 2010

Well, here I am again and  I suppose I should wish you all a Happy New Year. I know, I know, but I've not posted at all this year yet, sorry about that! I expect you're waiting for another story too but once you've read through you'll see why I haven't had time to write one lately, apologies for tha…

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Ups and Downs

Well what a week it has been. It started really well when hubby and I set forth on an expedition to climb the "peak" on the Island known as Tennyson Down. I put on my sturdiest boots and took both my hiking poles, not too sure that I would be able to manage even half of the distance. We chose a fine…

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G'us a job!

Hello again and welcome to September, where has this year gone? We have now been on the Island for 11 months and I really can't believe it.

OK, so what have I been up to over the last week, well, let me see...

I have been up and down with my mood regarding getting a job, I am rapidly thinking that…

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Well Hello! Remember me? Thought I should pop in and make some sort of effort to update this blog and bring you up to date with what me and my MS have been up to.

On the job front? Nothing at all. Still haven't heard back from the second Practice I wrote to, and I enclosed a SAE for a reply - how r…

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Neurological pain....

OK, I thought I should pop in and give you an update on my job search on the Island and other things that have affected me this week.

First the boring bit, my MS and possible new symptoms. Firstly, have you ever had toothache or shingles? Yes, then you have some understanding of what neurological p…

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