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Possibly the worst week of our lives!

Disaster both human and vehicular

So, I cannot go into too much detail here as there is a disputed claim by the other party involved but Daphne might well have been written off. Poor Ron was involved in a RTA at Smallbrook Junction Roundabout (people on the island will know where that is.

He had right of way and had literally just pulled out to go straight over the roundabout when he was hit by a group of young women/teenagers who came tearing down the hill to his left and hit the left hand side of the car (I wasn't with him but more of that later). At the time they said that none of the four of them were hurt and they told the Police that twice immediately after the accident. Apparently the Police do not attend if they are called and no-one is hurt, and despite a Police vehicle driving past the scene they didn't stop. It was the girls who wanted the Police called and they did so twice, both times saying no-one was hurt.

Anyway, Ron wasn't hurt but he was obviously concerned about "Daphne". Upshot was that he called the RAC who said they would handle everything including moving her to the Garage for inspection by his/their insurance companies. Ron spent most of Saturday evening trying to contact the driver of the other car to pass on his insurance details and confirm hers. She didn't respond. However, last night the drivers mother called to say that she had indeed suffered an injury (whiplash) and one of her passengers were also injured - despite twice telling the Police this wasn't the case. As the fault was (seemingly) obviously theirs, as can be seen by the damage to Daphne, we believe this to be a fraudulent claim, although as there being being no other witnesses it is a four against one situation, so I will leave that there for now but I have put a picture of the damage to Daphne's axle which can hopefully show he was hit from the left on a roundabout.

They are accusing him of speeding (in a 1930's Austin 12/4 Clifton Tourer which barely reaches the speed limit!), yet they didn't even brake.The distressing part is that Daphne may well be irrepairable with only the scrap value payable. Poor Ron has spent so much getting her road worthy and show ready that he is understandably heart broken.

We have had to leave it in the hands of his insurers and the RAC but it is something we could definitely do without.

Health, Home and possible changes

So, about me then. I have been suffering stomach pains, diarrhoea, Uncontrollable urinary incontinence (who knew how much urine Tena underwear can hold), no appetite and unsteadiness on my feet.

I am so scared of falling on the floor that Ron had a hope we might be able to fit a gantry hoist to get me up if I did. There is no way he can lift me. 

So, because of the weakness, incontinence and anorexia:

  • Purchased a wheelchair to get me from car to my appointments and back (with Ron's help), although getting in and out of the car is problematic when I am at my weakest.
  • I have been referred to the hospital Dietician and await some samples of fortified foods and drinks.
  • Have taken a delivery of a commode and bulk bought some Tena Lady (well, the cheaper alternatives) which hold as much.
  • Am ordering a single bed to free up some space in the bedroom. It seems we can't have a gantry hoist so need room to manoevre a wheeled one.
  • Am going to order an Eve hybrid mattress (a Which best buy), if I pay a bit more they will take away the old double memory foam mattress.

My Oncologist is away for the first 2 weeks of August and in view of my gastro-enterological symptoms requested my scan t be brought forwards and so I had that done yesterday. Of course we now all have to wear face coverings in hospital I wore one of my home made ones. However, I had to drink so much water that I felt physically sick before, during and after the procedure - however, at least with so much fluid on board they managed to find a vein to insert the cannula and the dye so got good images, although they didn't tell me what they saw. At least my Oncologist will have time to review it and devise a further plan if necessary



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