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Update and contact with Macmillan Nurse at last!

Have spoken to my Nurse and she has been and discussed me with my Oncologist - he is going to try and bring my scan date forward and wants me to have a blood test.

Also need to increase my omeprazole dose and get some more metoclopramide (anti sickness) pills that I was on with my Chemo. I have m…

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This does not look good!

So, at least I now know I am not going mad, but the symptoms I am experiencing are not just real but are indicative of having liver cancer.

I was diagnosed with it a year ago and was at that point asymptomatic.

Now, after 16 sessions of Chemotherapy over last summer/autumn, and a scan …

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Wow, where has my energy gone - I thought it was all over now!

OK, only a very short blog today as I have absolutely zero energy, and I cannot keep my eyes open as well as suffering waves of nausea.

I had hoped to update this a few days ago, but for reasons best known to themselves Jigsy (my Webhost) had problems and I was unable to access my website.

I c…

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A quiet but uncomfortable week.

Chemotherapy Cycle 6 Completed - 2 more cycles (4 treatments) to go.

So we have a General Election on December 12th and my last Chemo on December 5th so a chance to get rid of both Boris's in the course of a week!

Last week I had an appointment with a  Gastorenterologist, His name was Thomas b…

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Have you though about becoming a Blood Donor?

So I had Chemo yesterday and the girls took bloods for grouping and cross matching prior to my transfusion which is booked for next Tuesday. This will be followed by a blood test on Wednesday and another session of Chemotherapy on Thursday. That will complete my Sixth cycle of Chemo out of a total o…

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The end is in sight but a hurdle to cross first!




So today I saw my Oncologist, who (aside from the fact said I should see a Dentist about my wobbly lower front tooth), at last explained how long my Chemo will go on.

Apparently I should finish at the end of November after a total of Eight Cycles of Chemotherapy, with each Cycle…

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So what is it like having Chemo?

So what does having Chemo actually involve?

I thought this time I would explain the procedure I go through at a Chemotherapy Session. My Chemotherapy regime is based on a 21 day cycle. I have treatments on Day 1 and Day 8 and a Day off on Day 15. The day before each session of Chemo I have to…

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Scanned and awaiting result!

So last week Friday 30th August, I had a CT scan which shouldn't have been a traumatic experience but it was. Not the actual scan itself but the hour long wait before, the jug full of water I had to drink to ensure I had a full bladder, and then the additional half hour wait afterwards before they r…

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Day 1 Session 2 - last time was just a tester dose.

So, I found out at my latest outpatient's appointment with the Oncologist that my first days Chemotherapy was a low dose to see how my MS would respond and if I could tolerate it. I wish he had told me that before I started it as I thought it was pretty much an easy ride. 

That said, yesterday I…

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Days 12 - 16 - Back, Bladder and Blood Sugars!

So here we are in my week off Chemo and days 12 - 16 which have been eventful in a number of ways.

Monday 12th

I spoke to my Senior Diabetes Nurse (Jen now) who, having seen my Blood Sugar results, suggested we should once again concentrate on just having the Lantus insulin at bedtime to get m…

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Days 5 - 7 and a Relapse (maybe)

So I have survived it past the initial shock to the system from all the IV fluids, the oral steroids and anti-emetic medications.

Certainly Monday and Tuesday were days where I felt someone had taken my batteries out and left me totally drained, so I even spent Monday in bed to try to recharge fo…

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