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The end is in sight but a hurdle to cross first!




So today I saw my Oncologist, who (aside from the fact said I should see a Dentist about my wobbly lower front tooth), at last explained how long my Chemo will go on.

Apparently I should finish at the end of November after a total of Eight Cycles of Chemotherapy, with each Cycle being Two Treatment Sessions.

However, he also divulged the reason why I am feeling more exhausted this time than before, apparently after every treatment I am becoming increasingly anaemic. With that in mind he has requested that I have a Blood transfusion of two units of blood. I will need to arrange this with the Chemo Suite staff tomorrow but it might be Friday, or preferably Monday.

Anaemia is a common side effect of Chemo as both red and white cells (as well as the Cancer Cells) are destroyed by the Boris Busters!

At least I now know why I feel totally drained and am struggling to keep my eyes open. With a bit of luck a transfusion will boost my energy levels (and motivation) so I can get back to swimming longer distances again. I am hoping it might 

Anyway, the battle of blood sugars and Diabetes versus the Steroids begins again tomorrow, deep joy!

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