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A busy but productive week and maybe too much information ...?

Well, I am getting better at writing this blog aren’t I even if it is 4 30 in the morning!

Admittedly my life seems to be based on musings from the early hours when my mind is at its most active, aside from my bladder of course.

Poor Ron is still waiting for the accident and insurance companies to get their acts into gear so I cannot comment on that of course so I will park that there for now if you pardon the pun.

My MS however is another matter altogether. During the night my bladder now has a mind of its own - I only have to sit up and it’s like Niagra falls down there. I am currently using Tena Lady (well, a cheaper alternative) to soak up the contents of my bladder which I know is there but cannot control. A full bladder equals one pair of pants, although there are some mishaps which means I have had to also sit on a towel. I could of course sit on the commode, however I can then not get back on the bed without a block and tackle and a lot of huffing and puffing - my legs can only take my weight one way and then I get so shaky and wobbly they give way altogether - it is much better to sit on the edge of the bed and ‘let it go ...’ as the song goes, lol! My solution will be some Kylie incontinance pads which are arriving today - an alternative to soggy towels at least. I am getting through about 4 - 5 pairs of expensive pants a night.

I had a Eureka moment last night. I think maybe self catheterisation could be the way forwards and much cheaper, I have sent an email to the MS Nurses to that effect, obviously having been a District Nurse I know all I need to about the female anatomy ‘down there’ and have inserted many a catheter before. I hope they agree as I might get more sleep.

Talking of sleep, I have just ordered a very expensive new bed (plus an additional £300 for delivery to the island, grr). Anyway it is a high/low wooden profile bed with a coil and memory foam mattress. This will make it easier for me to get in and out and position myself during the night.  https://www.laybrook.com/adjustable-beds-wood/barden-adjustable-wooden-bed It is the added extras that makes it so expensive but I am hoping it will give us more room in the bedroom and me a more comfortable nights sleep.

Oh, and by the way I also won a hydraulic air cushion system called an ELK which if I manage to shuffle on to will raise me to a standing position. Perfect if I fall in another room. I really worry that Ron will hurt himself trying to move me - despite not eating much I am a 17 stone dead weight.




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