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Blog posts : "Post Chemo - getting back to normal (or not)"

The results are in...

So, it has been 8 weeks since my last Chemotherapy session and 2 weeks since my CT scan and I had my outpatients appointment to hear the results from my Oncologist.

Basically the news is good and 'Horace' (renamed as I don't want it to be confused with he who should never have been elected!), has…

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What a few weeks these will be!

Well these next few weeks will be a bit of a turning point in my MS and Cancer journey.

Yesterday I had my CT Scan with contrast, scanning my chest, thorax and abdomen. This was a much much better experience than the one in August when I felt the Radiographers were newly in post and had very lit…

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Well, that's that then-Chemotherapy complete!

So there we are, I survived my sixteen sessions of GemCis Chemotherapy yesterday.

I now have to wait for a CT Scan and appointment to see my Oncologist to see if 'Boris' has shrunk, or, hopefully shrivelled away completely. I won't have this until the new year and hope to feel at least a little …

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The end is in sight - in reflective mood

So, here I am again. The difference this time is that the end is in sight. No not Brexit, but my Chemotherapy.

It doesn't seem possible that it was July that I first started the Cytotoxic Drugs, being hooked up to the infusions for two out of three weeks with a recovery week every third week, and…

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