Welcome to my Family Tree page, this will eventually link you to a separate site where you can see if any of your family links to mine over the last 200 years or so. Some of my ancestors surnames are listed below, and I have included some photo's of people involved in making me the person I am today. There are no celebrities, royals or rogues but lots of hard working and honest people from sailors to train drivers, and agricultural labourers to publicans.




Surnames I have ancestral links to are

Baldock, Barlow, Bennett, Blackley, Chapman, Covell, Cross, Dyson, Edwards, Freeman, Fuller, Glover, Griffin, Hodge, IresonJeffery, Kidman, Lancaster, Mole, Oldfied, Oldfield, Oscar, Palmer, Parr, Powell, Purchas, Quiller, Rowden, Salter, Seamor, Smith, Sole, Taylor,

by clicking on the names you will be taken to my family tree website and details of the ancestors with that surname.

Gertrude Baldock (nee Chapman)



Harry Langton Cross

   Harry Langton Cross


Mum and her brother John



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