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The results are in...

So, it has been 8 weeks since my last Chemotherapy session and 2 weeks since my CT scan and I had my outpatients appointment to hear the results from my Oncologist.

Basically the news is good and 'Horace' (renamed as I don't want it to be confused with he who should never have been elected!), has…

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How wrong was I?

Oh Dear, I got that very wrong didn't I?

I thought my four months of Chemo were a complete regime, and once I had a scan to assess the results I wouldn't need any more, (at least for a while). 

However, I saw the Oncologist (for all of 2 minutes) today and he had expected me to have had more …

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Still waiting

Warning - mentions of bodily functions and smells, do not proceed if you are easily offended.

Monday 23rd September

Well, its been over two weeks and I am still waiting to hear what the CT scan showed. Hopefully I will find out this Wednesday when I see the Oncologist - fingers crossed it is g…

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