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Wow, where has my energy gone - I thought it was all over now!

OK, only a very short blog today as I have absolutely zero energy, and I cannot keep my eyes open as well as suffering waves of nausea.

I had hoped to update this a few days ago, but for reasons best known to themselves Jigsy (my Webhost) had problems and I was unable to access my website.

I cannot believe I haven't been on here since before my Charity Headshave on 14th December. 

That actually went very well and I managed to raise £128 at the MS Shop on the day for MSS IoW. The Give as You Live webpage has done even better and currently stands at over £300 to be split between MSS IoW, Macmillan Cancer Care, and Friends of St Mary's Hospital Newport.

The symptoms I am currently experiencing, are what I was expecting whilst I was actually undergoing the Chemotherapy - although this actually finished on 5th December 2019 so I was hoping to be getting back to normal strength and energy levels now. Friends on Facebook are telling me it will take time but I am finding it so frustrating that I can't even get to meet my friends at the swimming pool, let alone swim a length.

Anyway, the Give As you Live webpage is still active and you can still donate a few quid if you have some to spare. To those who have already donated THANK YOU, you will have helped make a big difference to people with MS on the Isle of Wight, People affected by Cancer and the Friends of St Mary's Hospital who buy essential items of equipment and items to make life more comfortable for people at the Hospital in Newport, here on the island.

Here I am post head shave to prove I had it done. Thanks to Trish Gunningham for performing the honours at the shop.

Hopefully next time I will be stronger, both physically and emotionally, and will have the beginnings of a full head of hair xx




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