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Maybe just one more year?!

I have had some thoughts, well, after some discussion with my Diabetes Nurse at the Surgery and my MS Nurse and Continence Nurses at the hospital, and I have decided to hold on to my registration for one more year. It has been suggested that I would be an ideal triage nurse to work at the NHS 111 hub in Newport. Now the trouble will be getting my foot in the door, as those posts seem to go to people internally - such as work injured paramedics and nurses from within the trust.

Nonetheless I will try to find a contact address and see what happens. I am also putting my profile on Linkedin although I know very little about it or how it works. Who knows though, someone might see my profile and be able to offer me the perfect part-time job here on the island. A long shot I know but without NMC registration I wouldn't be able to take a qualified position.No-one can doubt my love for the profession even if my stupid body lets me down.

From next year (as well as putting the annual fee up to £120!!) the NMC are implementing a need for re-validation information from employers as a requirement for anyone re-registering which would scupper me at the moment.

If I do manage to find a job, as well as forking out £100 to continue calling myself a 'Nurse' I will have to ensure I have indemnity insurance as well, although most employers do offer this. 

Next June my private pension becomes payable so I will definitely call myself 'retired' then - even if I am in a job.

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