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Have you though about becoming a Blood Donor?

So I had Chemo yesterday and the girls took bloods for grouping and cross matching prior to my transfusion which is booked for next Tuesday. This will be followed by a blood test on Wednesday and another session of Chemotherapy on Thursday. That will complete my Sixth cycle of Chemo out of a total of Eight.

The only adverse effect so far (apart from raised blood sugars from the steroids) is that my fingers have swollen so I have had to remove my beloved wedding ring, and I have bags the size of suitcases under my eyes.

Unfortunately one of the blood samples they took from my butterfly cannula yesterday coagulated before it could be tested, and by the time the message got back to the Chemo suite I had already started my treatment so they couldn't take a repeat sample. That meant another drive to Newport today and blood sample for grouping and cross matching. Hopefully that means all will be safely tested for next week.

I am hoping that once I have had these two units of blood I will have some more colour in my cheeks and more energy for getting out and about and swimming again. 

I know some family members (in-laws) will be unhappy that I am accepting blood as they are Jehovah's Witnesses, however, I accept their views to do as they choose, so hope they afford me the same courtesy when it comes to my health and fight against Boris! Ron had several units of blood last year when he had his quadruple hear bypass so you could say I am joining the club. Unlike me though he was never a blood donor, whereas I actually gave a total of 22 units before being medically retired due to my MS medications, plus of course now I have cancer which also excludes me. 

This means neither of us can now give blood, but you may be able to. Check out the NHS Blood transfusion website to see if you can. Apparently the service need 6000 donations every day and there are 10% fewer donors now than 10 years ago.

Anyway, today I have once again been batting with the steroids and blood sugars. Annoyingly it crept above 20 this afternoon so I took 24 units of insulin before dinner so hopefully I will have it under control by bedtime. Plus of course it is Frequency Friday today so I will probably be up every 2 hours to the loo tonight which is draining in more ways than one lol.

OK enough for now, please think about becoming a blood donor if you can - as I have shown, you never know when you might need some, its not just accident victims and during surgery that it is needed.

Thank you,

Jennie and Ron xx

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