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Oh no. this does not look good.

So, yesterday I spent the whole afternoon talking to the lovely Community OT's who are setting things in motion for me to have some bath aids and leg lifters etc. I need to wait for their stores department to contact me before they come round to install them. I had to go through how my current weakn…

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What the hell just happened?

Ah, there you are, you can come out from behind the sofa now as a degree of normality is returning!

March 2020

Since my last blog the world was hit by a pandemic - CORONAVIRUS, or Covid19!

Originating in Wuhan, China this was soon killing thousands of people across the globe and there were…

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The results are in...

So, it has been 8 weeks since my last Chemotherapy session and 2 weeks since my CT scan and I had my outpatients appointment to hear the results from my Oncologist.

Basically the news is good and 'Horace' (renamed as I don't want it to be confused with he who should never have been elected!), has…

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Well, that's that then-Chemotherapy complete!

So there we are, I survived my sixteen sessions of GemCis Chemotherapy yesterday.

I now have to wait for a CT Scan and appointment to see my Oncologist to see if 'Boris' has shrunk, or, hopefully shrivelled away completely. I won't have this until the new year and hope to feel at least a little …

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A quiet but uncomfortable week.

Chemotherapy Cycle 6 Completed - 2 more cycles (4 treatments) to go.

So we have a General Election on December 12th and my last Chemo on December 5th so a chance to get rid of both Boris's in the course of a week!

Last week I had an appointment with a  Gastorenterologist, His name was Thomas b…

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An eventful week - but some good news to end on!

Well, what a week that was, it started off with a Blood Transfusion on Tuesday, followed by the second session of my sixth cycle of Chemo. Apparently I have another two cycles to go and hopefully I shall well and truly given Boris a battering. Then today I had a much feared appointment with my Diabe…

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Have you though about becoming a Blood Donor?

So I had Chemo yesterday and the girls took bloods for grouping and cross matching prior to my transfusion which is booked for next Tuesday. This will be followed by a blood test on Wednesday and another session of Chemotherapy on Thursday. That will complete my Sixth cycle of Chemo out of a total o…

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So what is it like having Chemo?

So what does having Chemo actually involve?

I thought this time I would explain the procedure I go through at a Chemotherapy Session. My Chemotherapy regime is based on a 21 day cycle. I have treatments on Day 1 and Day 8 and a Day off on Day 15. The day before each session of Chemo I have to…

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Note to self - Think Hypo First!

Today was not a good day.

This morning I was especially tired and just putting one foot in front of the other was a real struggle. I had an appointment with my MS Nurse today and was really concerned that my Chemo was having an adverse effect on my condition.

My Blood pressure as usual was h…

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Today was a good day..

Today was a good day as is usual the first day post Chemo so I try to get a s much done as possible. I went to both Lidl and Aldi to pick up some of their weekly special bargains, caught up with some long overdue e-mails to family and did a little online retail therapy.

The patients sharing the C…

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Still waiting

Warning - mentions of bodily functions and smells, do not proceed if you are easily offended.

Monday 23rd September

Well, its been over two weeks and I am still waiting to hear what the CT scan showed. Hopefully I will find out this Wednesday when I see the Oncologist - fingers crossed it is g…

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Scanned and awaiting result!

So last week Friday 30th August, I had a CT scan which shouldn't have been a traumatic experience but it was. Not the actual scan itself but the hour long wait before, the jug full of water I had to drink to ensure I had a full bladder, and then the additional half hour wait afterwards before they r…

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Well that wasn't scary at all was it?

Well, its officially true, pride does come before a fall and are often the results of the actions of a Fool!

I was so pleased that I had managed to keep my blood sugars below 20 whilst taking the oral steroids (Dexamethasone), that is until today. Then if you pardon the expression it all went t*t…

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Day 1 Session 2 - last time was just a tester dose.

So, I found out at my latest outpatient's appointment with the Oncologist that my first days Chemotherapy was a low dose to see how my MS would respond and if I could tolerate it. I wish he had told me that before I started it as I thought it was pretty much an easy ride. 

That said, yesterday I…

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Days 2, 3 and 4 (dizziness and some minor mishaps)

A couple of good days have been followed by a couple of days with some concerning side effects. I suspect it might be a MS relapse as I have not had any Rebif for over a week. Yet another complaint has been made to Lloyds Pharmacy Homecare Service (LPHS) who has escalated it to their actual complain…

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... I shall call it Boris!

This is probably the toughest blog post I have ever had to write, and it has taken a while as I needed to spend some time visiting family and letting them know what's going on.

Some of my Facebook 'Family' have already been following my story to a point and have been very supportive.

As alrea…

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Making a SPLASH!

So, it looks like my fifteen minutes of fame has arrived. Having responded to a Tweet from the MS Trust about exercise and MS, I was asked to write a blog post about how swimming has helped my fitness and Multiple Sclerosis. I was asked for around 600 - 800 words, but you know me, I had to add at le…

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Keep taking the tablets

Well, I had my appointment with the new island Neurologist on the 23rd September. Apparently my left leg is weaker than my right and I have nystagmus in my left eye. As I have had no specific relapses since 2012 but residual symptoms he said I was now moving into Secondary Progressive MS from Relaps…

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The canary island cruise that wasn't!

Well here I am, still alive and out the other side of the relapse.

Have actually had a busy few weeks and it has taken me a while to recover.

Had just got over the worst of the relapse when we went on our Canary Island Cruise, well, I say Canary Island, in actual fact the nearest we got was Madeir…

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Still can't find my feet..

Well, here I am again still in relapse and if anything with even worse symptoms. This is the first bad relapse I have had since my diagnosis in 2003 and is following the same sequence of symptoms (except my fingers and hands/arms are not currently any worse than normal)

I am still wearing the wrong…

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